No Power? No Problem!


No Power? No Problem! Did you know? Keringa has a huge GENSET generator that kicks in when the power goes off. Get Quote ❤️💜💛💚🧡💙 It keeps the heaters on in the kennels and catteries, so our pet guests are always snug as bugs in rugs. Get Quote Telephone Numbers National Telephone: 0861 30 31 32 […]

Rolo and Flake’s Holiday at Keringa 💕


Rolo and Flake’s Holiday at Keringa 💕 Rolo and Flake spent some of the Christmas holidays at Keringa – when they got home, their humans sent this email to our kennel manager, Colin McNamara, and his team: You guys have been beyond amazing. I am so pleased I made the decision to leave our dogs […]

Nani & Smokey 💕


Nani & Smokey 💕 Nani and Smokey spent some of the Christmas season at Keringa, in a luxurious Candy-Striped Kitty Cabana.This is the email we received from their mom: Good morning, I just wanted to thank you again for looking after my little rescues as well as you did. I know they are just ordinary […]

Holly and Spice – Happy in New Zealand 💕


Holly and Spice – Happy in New Zealand 💕 Well done to Petwings pet travel agent, Jessica Grant, for handling their transport arrangements, and to Keringa’s kennel manager, Colin McNamara, and his team for looking after them until they left. This email from Holly and Spice’s humans: Hi Jessica, Our babies have arrived safely and […]

Meet Cleopatra, on Holiday at Keringa, where the Fun Never Sets 💜💛❤️

Cleopatra the Parrot

Meet Cleopatra, one of our VIPs (Very Important Parrots), on holiday at Keringa, where the fun never sets 💜 We board dogs, cats, parrots and budgies, hamsters and bunnies, lizards, and other pets beautifully. For more info or a quote, please: * Phone: 011 976 3030 * Email: Want to see our luxurious pet […]

Mabel’s Holiday at Keringa 💕


Mabel 💕 Mabel is also on vacation at Keringa, living the life and loving every minute of it.We board cats beautifully. For luxury boarding of dogs, cats and other family members – the pet kind, not the human kind 😂 – please contact us: Phone: 011 976 3030 Email: Pet Boarding Keringa Kennels and […]

George’s Holiday at Keringa 💕


George’s Holiday at Keringa 💕 Meet George, on holiday and a big part of the Keringa Petwings family  For luxury boarding of dogs, cats, and other family members – just not humans 😂 – please contact us at:Phone: 011 976 3030Email: Pet Boarding Keringa Kennels and Cattery BOOK NOW Your pets will love you […]



Vaccination and Health Information Which test results and completed vaccinations are required prior to emmigration? Rabies Vaccination: Timeframe: Within 1 year of export. Every cat and dog must be vaccinated against Rabies with an approved inactivated rabies virus vaccine within 1 year of export and when the dog or cat was at least 3 months […]