Only Separate Puppies & Kittens From Their Litter after 8 Weeks 🔞

It is Recommended that Puppies and Kittens are Only Separated From Their Litter at 8 Weeks and No Younger 🔞 Did you know? Separating a puppy or kitten from its littermates and mother too early is not advised, and in many countries, is actually illegal. These animals can grow up with behavioural and health issues […]

Pretoria Pet ‘Transpawtation’ Special

Pretoria Transport Special Background Overlay Image

Pretoria ‘Transpawtation’ Special Do you live in Pretoria and are planning your pets’ immigration? We’ve just launched our Keringa Petwheels pet transport special From today until 1 January 2023, our customised pet road transport division (Petwheels) will collect pets who are part of an international Keringa-Petwings consignment for FREE! Book Now Here’s the ‘Nitty-Gritty’ Is […]