Forest Log Cabins for Dogs

Our unique Forest Log Cabins are the ultimate in luxury pet boarding for holidaying dogs. They are cosy in winter and cool in summer, with human beds and large private gardens – perfect for larger families or dogs that need lots of space.


  • Rolling green lawns.
  • Mature shady trees for hot summer days.
  • Garden shrubs to hide behind for those private moments.
  • High walls for safety and security.
  • Heater facilities in winter.
  • Real beds for afternoon siestas and night-time naps.
  • Verandas for sitting on and sipping summer sundowners.
  • Opening glazed windows.
  • Stable doors.
  • Electricity for charging cell phones.

Candy-Striped Kitty Cabanas for Cats

Undoubtedly, your cat is happiest at home, but there are those times when you have to rely on a pet boarding service. You cannot do better than Keringa Kitty Cabanas, a luxurious boarding cattery decorated in calming pink and yellow candy stripes and surrounded by gardens.


  • A great way to spend lazy summer days and cosy winters, there are heaters in all catteries (powered by our own generator).
  • Sheltered balconies with glorious views of singing birds and lush lawns.
  • Comforts almost as good as home including soft, fluffy blankets and carpets.
  • Daily brushing and cuddles.

Single Dog Cabanas

  • Every one of our kennels has a cosy bedroom section and an open sunny run where they can relax with a good book and plenty of fresh cold water.
  • We also offer luxury pet boarding in the form of our Forest Log Cabins, which have human houses and private gardens.
  • The protocol allows sharing among family members.
  • Dogs are exercised daily in our lush lawned yards.
  • We feed our dog guests on Montego Karoo but you’re more than welcome to bring their own food as well as their bedding and favourite toys.

Pet Boarding Information

At Keringa we go to great lengths to make sure that pets are happy, healthy, and warm. That’s why all our kennels, catteries, and forest log cabins have infra-red heaters, soft, warm beds, and plenty of fresh cold water. Our infra-red heaters are completely safe for pets and mounted in such a way that dogs and cats can enjoy their warm, comforting glow. You may also bring your pets’ own bedding, toys, and even snacks and treats so that they have all their home comforts.

Dogs and cats are not always happy about being left at home when their owners go away. Added to this is that very few dogs are trained as watchdogs so it’s not fair to expect them to do a policeman’s job all on their own. Furthermore, pets entrusted to well-meaning but untrained neighbours, domestics, or friends can run away or become ill due to a lack of reliable, frequent, and trained supervision.

There are also the dangers of your pets not being fed, being neglected, pining, straying through gates left open and getting lost or being run over. It’s far wiser and safer to board your dog or cat with a dedicated, professional pet boarding service which will give them lots of attention, love, and care. Pets, like people, often appreciate a holiday in new surroundings alongside new friends.

Dogs, once they settle in, have a wonderful time, like kids on the beach. Kittens take to boarding easily too and play around to their hearts’ content. Adult cats, though they can be initially aloof, soon relax and spend their time observing their neighbours and the busy staff around them. They catnap, eat, play with their caregivers, and purr.

Bill of Rights For Boarded Pets

Keringa Kennels accepts the responsibility involved in caring for your beloved pets. As part of that responsibility, we commit ourselves to operate in accordance with the highest internationally accepted standards, which we’ve collated into our own
Bill of Rights for Boarded Pet

Our Pledge to Your Pets:

1. We will care for all pets boarded here with kindness and place their welfare above all business considerations.
2. We will provide security and safety for all our boarded pets by means of well-planned kennel design, good pet handling procedures, appropriate separation or companion sharing of pets, and by keeping all pet boarding areas free of potential hazards.
3. We will maintain a sanitary environment for all boarded pets.
4. We will provide vigilant supervision over all boarded pets by competent, conscientious and trained personnel and will respond appropriately to any sign of distress or emergency.
5. We will provide clean water containers and fresh water daily to all boarded pets.
6. We will provide an adequate and healthy diet to each boarded pet.
7. We will seek immediate Veterinary assistance when necessary, the choice of veterinarian governed by kennel policy.
8. We will require proof of valid Veterinary vaccinations for all boarders as a condition of entry to our kennels.
9. We will administer Veterinary prescribed medication in accordance with instructions.
10. We will take appropriate measures to control parasites within the kennel environment.
11. We will provide protection from the elements and from excessive exposure to the sun.
12. We will provide adequate ventilation to minimize possible exposure to harmful bacteria or viruses.
13. We will provide protected sleeping areas which are large enough to accommodate normal postural movements.
14. We will provide exercise opportunities in areas which are clean, safe and secure.
15. We will do our best to give your pet a happy and healthy boarding experience.

With Keringa, you are guaranteed exceptional pet care and you get it. You expect first-class food, and your pets get it. You expect the best of everything that money can buy for them because they deserve it. We’ve been going the extra mile and providing all of the above for nearly 50 years, so we must be doing something right. Right?

No power? No Problem

Keringa has its own enormous GENSET, capable of running a village, and heaters in every kennel and cattery for just such an eventuality.

Keringa Warm Pet Noses
Keringa Warm cats
Keringa Warm Dog

No matter what, your pets will be warm and snug.

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